The Avocado Show x Edough

When it comes to thrills, this mousse is straight out of one of Quentin Tarantino’s classics. The fresh, vegan combination of mango, avocado and passion fruit is really irresistible.

Excellent news! This incredible Mango Unchained mousse dessert contains no allergens! So eat away boys and girls.

What's in it?

coconut cream (99.8%) coconut, 0.02% emulgator carrageenan, avocado (9% pure avocado puree), mango (8%), passion fruit puree (4%), water, coconut, sugar, pectin, vegetable oil (rapeseed), citric acid, stabilizer (carrageenan).

Average nutrition value per 100 grams
Energy: 628kJ / 150kcal
Total fat: 12,9 gr
– Saturated fat: 1,8 gr
Total carbs: 18,2 gr
– Sugar: 4,8 gr
Dietary fiber: 6,1 gr
Protein: 5,9 gr
Sodium: 0,07 gr