Your favorite vegan dessert

Better Peanut Butter

Some make it with jelly, some mix it strawberry jam, but we blend our peanut butter with dark chocolate. This excellent combo makes your mouth water. And even if peanut butter isn’t your fav, this combination makes everybody’s heart pound faster!

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This VJFB Better Peanut Butter mousse dessert only contains two allergens. In this case peanutsĀ and soy.

Good to know what’s in it…

coconut cream (60,57%), water, sugar, peanuts (8,18%), maltodextrin, cocoa mass, vegetable oil (rapeseed, soy), cocoa butter, modified starch (acetylated distarch adipate), gelling agent (carrageenan), salt, emulsifier (xanthan gum, guar gum), lecithin (soy), natural flavor (vanilla).

We’ll give you energy

Nutrition Facts

Average nutrition value per 100 grams
Energy: 1221kJ / 292kcal
Total fat: 23,2 gr
– Saturated fat: 16,2 gr
Total carbs: 15,7 gr
– Sugar: 9,8 gr
Dietary fiber: 2,5 gr
Protein: 3,9 gr
Sodium: 0,16 gr

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